SAT Scores

Last year, our senior class added another proof point to their resume by scoring in the 88th percentile nationwide on the SAT; the average student of color in NYC scores in the 18th percentile.

A Revolutionary Approach To College Persistence

Every aspect of SA HSLA’s design focuses on college persistence. We believe that a college diploma gives scholars the path forward to economic stability, fulfilling careers, and the adult life they deserve. While research shows that college persistence is an enormous challenge for low-income students, students of color, and first-generation student nationwide, everyone at HSLA is completely focused on the end goal: not only getting all scholars into the college of their dreams, but giving them the skills and knowledge they need to thrive and graduate in four years.

Rigorous Academic Prep

Admission to SA HSLA is limited to students who have completed eighth grade at an SA middle school, which allows us to build on the rigorous preparation of grades K-8. Our high school’s workload is collegiate in both volume and nature, with a curriculum that focuses on critical thinking, problem solving, academic writing, and public speaking across content areas. Our program exceeds the distribution requirements for a New York State Regents Diploma. To graduate, scholars must earn a score of 3+ on AP World History and AP Literature and Composition, a score of 470+ on the Math Level 1 SAT Subject Test,and a score of 540+ on a SAT Subject Test in either Chemistry or Biology.

Work Habits

Our high school offers both direct instruction and authentic practice in time and task management. We intentionally structure the school day with time for scholars to practice collegiate work habits with the goal to mimic the independence our scholars will experience in college. Scholars use our innovative “Lab Block” to flex their time management muscles. During Advisory, scholars set goals, measure their own progress, and learn important skills like prioritizing responsibilities and self-advocacy. Long-term projects across subject areas allow our scholars to prepare for the planning needed to excel in research projects, long papers and final exams in college.

Talents & Passions

We offer a large number of electives, clubs, competitive teams, and student-driven experiential learning opportunities, which serve as a critical, creative outlet for exploring and developing passions and talents. Success Academy sets very high standards for its students -- academically, athletically, and artistically. And it supports the scholars to help them reach those high standards.


Our college knowledge curriculum emphasizes self-advocacy and professionalism so that scholars are prepared to drive their own ships in college. Our school design and approach encourages scholars to choose their own courses and experiment with different extracurriculars with the support and guidance of their college counselor.

College Knowledge

Starting in ninth grade, College Access and Persistence Counselors partner with scholars and families to support a holistic school experience. While the ultimate goal is to match scholars to their “best fit” college, counselors also work to ensure that scholars are taking the best advantage of their high school options. In their junior and senior years, scholars get one hour of College Knowledge courses weekly that address topics such as financial literacy, work study programs, and dealing with roommate issues.

College Visit Schedule

We welcome visits from college admissions representatives to Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts throughout the year. Below you will see all of our upcoming scheduled visits from colleges and universities. Want to see your school’s name on this list? Click the button below to get started.

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Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts is located in Midtown, Manhattan and is easily accessible via public transportation.

Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts

111 East 33rd Street, Floor 4 New York, NY 10033

Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Norman Thomas High School building. Please note that upon entering, all visitors must check-in with security, present photo ID, and pass through a metal detector.


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